Getting back on my bike.

road signI am an occasional cyclist. I will go through patches of cycling regularly to work and then something will happen like lending my bike to my brother or it’s torrential rain for a few days and I get out of the rhythm. It’s like going to do exercise, I always talk my self out of it when in reality I always feel better and enjoy it more once I’ve done it. I enjoy cycling and its a great way to travel round the city while getting some exercise and has a lower environmental impact than driving or even taking the bus.

To encourage myself to use my bike more, a while ago I cancelled my annual season ticket so that I could have a financial incentive to get on the bike. But some how that on its own doesn’t seem to be enough of a driver. I couldn’t see what the costs were relative to my other spending. Recently I started tracking all my spending as part of reducing consumption and saving money. One of the things that surprised me was that most months my commuter travel comes up as one of the highest expenses after rent.
That really made me see that if I cycled more it would make a really big impact on my finances.

So I planned to cycle around today but it turns out that my spokes are all loose so I’ve had to leave my bike at the bike store. There is a nice bike store that just opened up where I live who were very helpful and able to fix it but not until tomorrow. So I’m writing this while I’m on the tube going the 6 miles that I wanted to cycle to meet friends.
I feel disappointed, I was going to get the tube but I worked through the laziness, looked at the route and made the decision to cycle, yet here I am still on the tube.

Well there is always tomorrow. Once the bike is fixed I am going to aim to cycle six journeys a week. I’m going to track how I do for the next couple of months and see if I can make this challenge. Its definitely a good time to start this as the days are lighter and the weather is warmer.



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