Apps I Like: Evernote

What would I do without Evernote? I would be lost and very forgetful. I use it to keep track of all my notes and to do lists. I also use it to draft my blog posts when I am commuting or traveling. I use it to write down absolutely anything that I might want to refer to later.
If you read my last post, it was on Evernote that I kept my list of things I wanted to buy as part of my almost shopping ban so if I was in a charity shop I always had the list with me to stick to or if I was tempted to buy something I could write it down straight away and then forget about it. I also find that for me having a list when I go food shopping is also a great way to save money on groceries as it is less likely that I will be tempted by BOGOF offers.
The best feature is that it is synced to my phone and available online. It takes photos, written notes, scanned texts, and voice recordings. I find the free version meets my needs perfectly. You can also upgrade for more storage space or to use it on more than two devices.
There are other online note pads available but the only other one I have tried is OneNote which I also like and use at work. The main thing I love is having an electronic note pad that I can use on all my devices and online and use for anything I need to remember. Its just so helpful and I don’t have notes strewn around the house anymore.

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