Freshly Picked Food

I have been helping out at some gardening workshops aimed at getting beginner gardeners inspired to grow food and connecting them with community garden spaces. This week we visited an allotment to see how the different plots are laid out and what can be achieved in small plots just in the space of 8 months.

The allotment had a real sense of collaboration with communal compost, watering facilities, a tea room and a central square to sit in. We had some tea and cake in the site which was briefly interrupted by a very bold fox cub stealing a pack of lemon slices from the table.

One of the allotment holders was very kind and allowed us to take home some produce from her garden including fresh sage, rosemary and rhubarb.

I love sage with butternut squash and pasta, it makes really tasty comfort food. So on the way home I stopped off to pick up a butternut squash and have made this recipe from two peas and their pod.  I am now set up for the week for lunches.

I stewed the Rhubarb and have been eating some for desert  and the rest to add to my porridge this week. I have some porridge oats that I brought home from a recent sailing trip where no one wanted to take home any of the left over provisions. It’s not something I usually think I have time to make in the morning but this recipe for perfect porridge makes it sound so simple and will help me make a nice one.



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