Returning to blogging


I started this blog in April 2014 to blog about living a low impact lifestyle. It is something that I am trying to improve on and I wanted to document my journey as a personal account. I hoped that it would also be of interest to other people and I found support from the comments people left and from other blogs on the same topic, that I wouldn’t have discovered if not for my blog.

I enjoyed posting, but in 2015 I found it hard to find the motivation to continue after my mother passed away. As would be expected I have been doing a lot of reflecting since then and have found a number of fantastic blogs that have inspired me to review my life and also to start posting again. Some have been environmental blogs but I have also been getting interested in low cost living, early retirement, yoga, fitness, cycling, minimalism, gardening, sailing and conscious consumerism. I will share some of them in future posts.

The ones that caught my attention most at the start of this year are focused on personal finance and reducing debt.  I connected with the fact that the principles and lessons can be applied to living a lower impact life. I hope to incorporate some of the lessons I have learnt as I continue writing and share a few links to my favorite posts. They are predominantly personal accounts of changes that the writers are making and I could see the value of documenting my thoughts again and so here I am.

I am always interested to read more on these topics so please let me know your recommendations.


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