Carbon footprint update

medium_3653177703 (1)

Seven months into the challenge it is time to evaluate how I am doing compared to last year. The table below compares my current progress with last year and the calculator helpfully gives a 12 month projection showing that I am on track for a 0.28 tonne reduction compared to last year.

Item 2013 (12 month footprint) 2014 (7 month footprint)
House 0.85 0.5
Flights 0 0.25
Car 1.35 0.5
Bus/Rail 0.34 0.34
Secondary 4.09 2.15
Total 6.63 4.32
12 month projected   6.35

I am pleased with my progress and I am on track for a reduction but in the next 5 months I will need to make some other lifestyle changes to reach that 1 tonne target.

The largest change in the footprint will be through the secondary calculation. Through the rubbish diet I have reduced the amount of packaging I use, selecting products with only recyclable or reusable packaging therefore reducing the amount of waste  I produce so this has meant that I have reduced that calculation from 4.09 tonnes to 3.79 tonnes over the year. I also mostly by local produce which is the weekly delivery of local organic veg that I get in my veg box which is lowering my food mile impact.

Most importantly I try to make do with the things I have already or borrow items if it is for a one off event. When I need something new I only get second hand items and appliances. An example is that my new phone was one that a friend had lying in a drawer so I am glad to be reusing it.

For the 12 months these small life style changes will give a total secondary footprint of 3.53 tonnes which is a 3 tonne reduction and off sets the increase in flights and train travel this year.


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