Switching to Solid Haircare


I ran out of shampoo and conditioner during my rubbish diet which was a great opportunity to switch up my cosmetic routine. One of the tips was to switch to solid shampoo and I thought I would try out the range at Lush as I have used their products before and always liked them.

I went into the store specifically for solid shampoo and conditioner and the staff were really helpful in taking me through the products. There was so much choice. I settled on the big solid conditioner and the squeaky green shampoo.

When I got home I cut off a piece to use so that the whole block didn’t get damp. I also cut off a piece to put in my locker at work. Then I wrapped the bits I wasn’t using back up in the paper it came in. The label peels of really easily so its easy to reuse the packing.

I was discussing how best to store them with a few friends before going to the shop. One friend has re-purposed a small cooling rack in the bath room to put them on, another one uses a regular soap box with the ridged bottom. In the two weeks of using them I have kept them on a saucer in the bathroom and not had any problem with them. For the locker pieces and to use when traveling I have some small plastic tubs that I saved from the takeaway we ordered and they are perfect for what I need.

As well as reducing the amount of packaging needed for my haircare, my hair feels and smells great and is much easier to style which is an added bonus. As I was so happy using these products I have been back for solid deodorant, toothy tabs and face wash.

A big thanks to the staff in the Bond Street and Leeds branches for the great advice and service.


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