Low waste clear Out



With the Rubbish diet challenge fully underway and inspired by posts on the blog I have been clearing out the spare room. I set myself the challenge of completing it with no waste but there were some items I was stuck on how to recycle and some damaged items that couldn’t be fixed. I’m still pleased with how little waste there was and how much of what I no longer need myself can be reused/recycled.  It was certainly better than it would have been if I hadn’t had a look at the waste information provided by my council.

I didn’t manage zero waste but in total I only threw out o.5kg of waste as part of the clear out.

The main bulk of the items for recycling were:

  • 2 recycling bags of paper (I still don’t understand how i hoard so much stuff?)
  • Some old clothes labeled as rags (details for how to recycle this this gratefully found in the week one tip sheet of the rubbish diet challenge)
  • 1 carrier bag of Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) for the recycling centre.
  • 1 carrier bag of carrier bags (and other stretchy plastic wrapping as learnt through the rubbish diet challenge tips)

For the charity shop

  • One shelving unit
  • Pile of DVDs and books
  • assorted clothes

The spare room is definitely looking much tidier, still more to do but it was a good start.


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