Wonderful example of B&B reducing waste from toiletries


I have just been away for the bank holiday weekend to the Cotswolds and stayed in a great b&b called the Royal Oak Tetbury. They have made a great effort to be sustainable in many aspects but the one thing that stood out to me was the toiletries.

The main thing I liked was that they provided local products. The brand provided is Bramley based in the South West of England who use natural ingredients to make their products. They smelt really lovely, were really nice to use and the addition of bath salts as well as shower products was a nice touch by the Royal Oak.

The presentation of the toiletries was also designed to reduce waste. The statement from their guest book says “These products are refilled for future guests and in line with our environmental policies to reduce waste”. They have provided each room with a variety of 250ml Bramley products so each guest can use them but not take them away. The Bramley products are sold to hotels in 5 litre containers to refill the display units in each of the room producing less waste.

I was very impressed with this set up as most hotels are still providing the little bottles and the bar of hand soap that is used for one customer only. This meant there were nice products to use without creating environmental issues. Well done to both companies for their efforts.



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