Tackling my footprint: Waste reduction


I have signed up for The Rubbish Diet which is designed to support households to minimise the amount of waste they produce. When you sign up they e-mail you with actions and tips to reduce your household waste so that by the end of 5 weeks you should have significantly reduced your waste.

I have selected this one now because, based on the carbon calculator I have used, if I change from most of my waste is recycled to everything I use gets recycled or composted then it will take my footprint down by 0.43 tonnes which will offset the flights for the year. My target for getting to this level is by the end of July.

The first tip was to spend 10 minutes looking at my local recycling facilities for kerb side collection and at recycling centres. So I have studiously been through the recycle right guide which applies to Wandsworth, Lambeth, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham boroughs. Its a very tongue in cheek website about what you can and can’t recycle and gets its message across brilliantly. Have a look at it here.

I particularly like that it has a full guide on how the materials recycling facility (MRF) works which is great for really understanding how all the co-mingled recycling that leaves my front door every Monday. Its a very sophisticated MRF with an optical separator for plastics that separates out PETE and HDPE that

Needless to say the 10 minutes turned into 45 but I am now armed with all the facts about what I can and can’t recycle in my borough. Knowing what i can’t recycle is very useful as the challenge is to stop creating that waste category.

Click here to visit The Rubbish Diet

Images courtesy of WRAP and the Rubbish Diet


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