And so it begins……

Time to start reducing my footprint. Having worked out what my previous twelve months were I am going to calculate the footprint going forward each month. Ill report my figures monthly and my footprint overall to track my progress and a summary of actions taken to reduce the footprint.

I have decided to stick with the calculator as discussed in my post Footprint calculator 4: This is because it allows me to choose a date range and save it so I can do it month by month. It also works on real data which I have readily available. I have recalculated the footprint now that I have the correct millage from my MOT certificate and it comes out as follows.

My Carbon Footprint for 2013:

House                   0.85 tonnes of CO2e

Flights                  0.00 tonnes of CO2e

Car                        1.35 tonnes of CO2e

Bus & Rail           0.34 tonnes of CO2e

Secondary           4.09 tonnes of CO2e

Total = 6.63 tonnes of CO2e

My aim is to reduce my footprint by 15%  (1 tonne). This is going to be difficult this year as for the last few years we have avoided flying where possible and managed to not fly at all but we have two trips planned this year so will need to reduce other areas to accommodate those.  The two flights will add 0.3 tonnes to my footprint or 0.5 tonnes if it accounts for radiative forcing, the influence of the other climate change effects of aviation (water vapour, contrails, NOx etc (I’ll post more about this when I take the flights)

My secondary footprint is the largest in that respect and car travel so will need to work on these areas to get the best reduction.


One response to “And so it begins……

  1. Reblogged this on walkinggenesis and commented:
    If a person were to park their car 1 mile away from where they were going 5 days a week, then they could save so much more than just dollars in gas. An individual could reduce their carbon footprint….great job on this blog. I wish her all the luck.

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