Footprint calculator 4:

carbonfootprint carbon footprint

This carbon footprint calculator feels like completing a spreadsheet but it allows you to be very specific about the data being entered. It also includes a page on secondary foot pint that does take into consideration some lifestyle choices so it has a bit more detail than the acto on CO2 calculator. It has fields for home, flights, car, travel, and life choices.

The actual footprint for the portion covered by the Act on CO2 calculator was very similar, this one giving a footprint of 3.37 tonnes of CO2e. Combined with the secondary footprint the total was 7.47 tonnes CO2e. This also gives you the opportunity to set a date range if you wish so you can look at a foot print over a month or quarterly. That may be helpful for the blog to see how on target i am to reducing my footprint in this challenge.

One watch it is I went through it all and then when I signed up for an account it lost all my data so if you do want to keep an account here then make sure you log in first and then complete your details..


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