Footprint Calculator 3: Act on CO2 Calculator

act on co2 carbon footprint

The Act on CO2 Carbon Calculator is the UK government personal carbon calculator. I really enjoyed completing this one as it was animated but also allowed me to put in quite specific figures such as the energy consumption for a year or the millage of my commute each week. If you didn’t have this information you could bypass it and put more generic information. As it is a carbon calculator the questions are all focused on energy usage and transport. It has no questions about waste or shopping choices like the ecological footprint calculators.

My outcome on this one was 3.21 tonnes per year compared to a national average of 4.46 with travel being the largest segment of the footprint. This split is interesting and I didn’t expect transport to be the largest as last year we didn’t fly anywhere and my commute is mainly by bike with the odd trip by tube and the occasional national train journey for UK based holidays so I thought I would be lower than the national average for travel.

From the three calculators tested so far, I think this is my favourite in terms of information and output.


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