Footprint Calculator 2: Earth Day Calculator

earth day carbon footprint

When pledging for Earth Day to complete an ecological footprint it takes you directly to the link for their calculator. There wasn’t a location for England so I completed it as if in the USA as the other European ones were in their native languages and i can’t speak Swedish or Italian.

This footprint has been animated so it feel more interesting to complete and would be one to look into if you were doing it with your children. You start off by creating an avatar of yourself to walk through the landscape as you answer questions.

The questions themselves are fairly similar to the WWF calculator and includes items about diet and lifestyle as well as energy and transport usage. You don’t need to know any specific figures to complete this one as it is about choosing a range or category.

The results are shown as planets and this came out at 3.8 planets for my answers. Interestingly it came out a lot higher than the WWF one that I completed where it gave me 1.66 planets. As this was for the UK, there may be some factors from energy transmissions and infrastructure emissions that are different to those of the UK so I don’t think it can be directly comparable.

So if your country is not there I wouldn’t complete it but I think it would be a good one for those countries represented.


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