Home electricity monitor

wpid-imag1301.jpgHaving a clear out over the Easter break I came across an electricity monitor that I had won at a conference a few years ago but never got round to setting up. This is just the thing to help with my Earth Day pledge of reducing energy use at home. This device has a transmitter unit that clips around the mains feed and a portable receiver that displays the energy information. The information that is displayed is power consumption (kW), pence per kWh and green house gas emissions (kg per kWh). It also displays temperature and humidity which can help with knowing when to turn the heating off.

With the meter in place and the display unit pride of place on the kitchen table I can see why it says it helps save energy. Every time I see it I go round and switch things off to make the numbers lower. It responds every 6 seconds to show the power in use so if you turn a set of lights off the numbers drop, switch on the kettle and they jump right up. I think this is really going to help me understand how I am using energy at home and identify the biggest waste areas. Hopefully I’ll be able to save some money too.

So far appliances needing to generate heat (kettle, iron, toaster, hob) have the biggest impact when in use. The other thing to consider is all the small appliances that are plugged in all the time. Over the year they can have a bigger impact so ill be looking at my over night and out of house base load to see if I can reduce that.


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