Footprint Calculator 1: WWF


The WWF website describes an ecological footprint as the land and sea area that is required to produce enough resources for our consumption rate. Their calculator doesnt only look at carbon dioxide but also accounts for methane (produced from livestock production), nitrous oxide (fertilisers and agriculture), and fluorinated gases (from fridges/freezers). (Source:

The WWF says that the UK average ecological footprint is 5.6 hectares which if consumed by everyone in the world would take 3 planets to sustain this level of consumption. The sustainable level ecological footprint is 1.8 global hectares per person.

So what did I get?

My score came out at 1.66 planets so still some work to do on my part.

When you have completed the ecological footprint on their page they invite you to sign up to a seven day challenge to reduce the footprint. I have signed up and will get back to you with how it is looking in a weeks time.

I did like the WWF calculator, it only took 5 minutes to complete and didn’t require any metrics. When completing it there is also has a helpful hint bar on the right that gives suggestions for why certain answers would be lower. It is a broad brush multiple choice quiz to gauge lifestyle rather than an exact calculation. I will be looking for a calculator too but in the meantime, i will see what the 7 day challenge brings up.

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One response to “Footprint Calculator 1: WWF

  1. Oh no, I got 3.13 planets (!). Feeling like a very bad person right now, thank you for bringing this to my attention, I’ll begin my 7 day challenge with you!
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to all your future installments 🙂

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